Friday, November 27, 2009

Fun Times

Salam semua,

Yesterday was our last day for the 4th term. We had a "fun day". Me n my friend Zhoe organised this event and with the help of Hjh Sala....Sorry, bcause no pictures were taken because l was busy being the Emcee n too busy laughing..

These were the games that we played; text messaging where as whomever sent the given text message the fastest will be dubbed as the winner, jumbled words - which from one word they can write another (like from Bengkurong, you can write run, rung, ben, beg and etc), guessing the pictures given, guessing the time, guessing the cereals and the funniest ever, mummy-in-the-making where the teachers were paired up with the students who were present yesterday. And that was it.

Currently I feel like reading books; English books to be exact! So when I was reading this book, where the story is about finding a nanny for his children. I found this funny conversation between the hero and his children and I want to share this conversation with you all....

The next morning at breakfast, Theo casually told the children that someone was arriving who might be coming to help look after them. All three looked up at him as he spoke.

'What's she called?' Freya asked flatly.
'Mrs. Evershot.' Theo said.
'Is she coming to shoot us, then?' Alex asked.
'I don't like her,' Tom piped up. 'I don't like her name.' He looked across at Lily. 'You won't let her shoot us, will you, Lily?'

Evershot is such a funny name, hihihihihii......

That's all folks

Senyum dan ceria selalu.......

Mummy Hanan aka Noraidah aka Leeya
Liyana Nadhirah.