Saturday, February 21, 2009

This morning we have this food for our breakfast... It's took me only for a few minute to mix the flour wit the onion and then added the chili boh....stir n mix then added the shrimp... n don't forget to put a little bit of salt n msg..... So it's nice when u eat while its still hot...... 4 the sos : cut the white onion, ginger, fresh chili put it in the blender, add the salt, msg, sugar n cuka... [ hehehe] wala...

The cupcakes l received from our new tp teacher...[ Khairun]
thx u... when l went home, the fresh thing on the cupcakes nearly melting so me, my daughter Hanan n Zawanah just dig in n ate that cupcakes...We loved it..even Hanan said it's yummy n delicious...

Workload.... still doing n checking the timetable.... n now l have a new work to do which is to mark my students test papers..Just imagined l have to check 57 papers which have 2 section...Maly l n Malay 2...huh..well it's our job so it's okay...Hopefully, besok siap..

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