Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today l would like to share something with you.... This info l got it from "The Complete Colour Harmony" by Sutton and Whelam.....

Alice might have beter understood her adventures in Wonderland if the caterpillar had actually asked,"Hue are you?" That's because colors, like people, have distinct personalities....

So, hue are you? The answer can prove quite revealing.......

You crave excitement and like to live in the moment. Easily bored, you also enjoy having the power to get things done quickly. Red lovers are passionate about life.

You are sensitive and kind, with a sweet disposition. You wouldn't mind a return to more innocent times, and crave romance in your life.

You are generally happy, playful, and optimistic. If something isn't working in your life, you quickly seek to change it. Spontaneous, you have boundless curiosity..
p/s : if l use yellow colour nda nampak tia.....

You like a sense of calm and order in your life. Trustworthy, you also value loyalty in others. Sky blue attracts pleasure-seekers and daydreamers, while navy appeals to the serious and conservative.

You're watcher rather than a participtor and are reversed in social situations. Generally noncommittal, you don't like to firm up plans until the very last moment.

You long to feel safe and make the world a better place for others. You are generous with your time and goodwill, but also can be stubborn about issues that are important to you.

You are down-to-earth and a dependable, loyal friend. Your home and family are very important to you, and comfort is a key issue in life.

You are known as a negotiator and have a strone desire to please. Though well liked, you don't confide easily in others and enjoy a slight sense of mystery.

You are gregarious, dynamic and fun to be with. Flamboyant by nature, you don't mind sticking out in a crowd. You have a great appetite for life and food

For my self, l really like this ORANGE.........

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Iza suka biru...
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